Here are some of the answers received to a recent survey of Dance Away Santa Barbara participants.
  1. Freedom of movement.
    - M.
  2. I met my husband the 1st nite I went to Dance Away - in 1998 - Now we're here with our little ones.
    -  Melissa
  3. The most healing experience on the planet! -
    Steve Fields
  4. This was the beginning of my recent spiritual life--open doors and no questions asked. The music sustains me even when I'm elsewhere--it makes me feel alive.
    - Briar Newborn
  5. A safe, fun place to be myself!
  6. Huggin', Dancin' --- JOY
  7. Dancing Under a Purple Sky
    The sky is afire with purple flame
    and it burns right into your soul.
    The music is flowing and swaying
    and throbbing, your hips begin to roll.

    Release inhibitions,
    let the sounds set you free.
    Shut your eyes on the why-nots
    it's time to be.

    Jump, crawl, run, chase
    wiggle and writhe.
    Move to the melody,
    body so lithe.

    Sink deep in your muscles,
    flesh holds you tight.
    Reach out with your spirit
    It's time to take flight.

    Live in the moment,
    in the rhythm, the beat,
    Twirl 'til you're dizzy,
    Kick up your feet.

    Sweat on your skin
    lets you know you're alive,
    Blood pumping, legs aching,
    it's time to take five.

    Night air, cool and moist,
    grass damp 'tween your toes,
    Thirst quenched, breathe in,
    Feel how the energy flows.

    Fields for your frolics spread
    'neath the night purple sky,
    but the dance calls you back,
    it's time to fly.

    Music still spinning
    you pick your pace:
    slow when you're languid,
    fast to make your heart race.

    Alas, quiet comes,
    no more rhythm or beat.
    The hour's grown early,
    It's time to retreat.

    The sky is still purple
    as you drive away,
    but you know that next week
    again you will play.

    Home to your bed
    and pillows so deep,
    rest well and sound,
    it's time to sleep. - by Laura McGregor
  8. Dance Away gave me a chance to heal myself, meet new friends, play, create joy and love, and the sanity to keep on working and living. It's among my top 10 activities and loves! Thanks for being our sister/brother barefoot dance place!
    Dorie, Dance Jam Ventura
  9. It provides an opportunity for me to connect with my spirit through body movement and rhythm.
    I also found myself in a community by sharing the joy with others.
    I also learned to use an instrument for the first time in my life. Thank you
    - Adolfo Aguiro
    P.S. The ambiance is also very wonderful, the semi-darkness allows for a sense of privacy if you feel shy or want to dance by yoursefl without drawing attention.
  10. Liberation! - No more struggling to follow a partner or to remember specific steps...
       Joy! - Joy in being part of something beautiful--each person moving in a different way to the same music;
          and joy in letting my body do whatever it feels...  -

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